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Auténtico Le Gurmé

Siviglia Spain

Auténtico Le Gurmé, a bakery/fast food restaurant in Utrera, Seville, was designed by the Antonio Ternero Interiorista firm with a style that offers a contemporary evocation of the Andalusian decorative tradition. The white finishes and wood and metal furnishings combine very attractively with the terracotta-concrete look stoneware of the Clays collection and Treverkway wood-effect stoneware. Clays, used in both hexagonal and brick sizes, features in the bar area (wall and counter) and the restrooms and dialogues with the Treverkway wood-effect stoneware, also installed both on the floor and on the walls. The two Treverkway wood-looks, Rovere and Acero, give the room an appealing natural warmth and create a fascinating two-tone effect.

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