Cesenatico (FC) Italy


  • Ivan Bazzocchi
  • Matteo Tosi
  • Toto Contract


  • Ventilated façade


  • Offices and industries


The new Headquarters of this local Cooperative bank is in a small country town, close to Cesenatico. The compact shape of the building, a true and proper “palazzo” towering over the lower buildings around it, was designed to call up the bank’s deeply enrooted origins in the local territory in combination with the original design of the elevations, an attractive mixture of metal structures and ceramic surfaces. Marazzi Engineering worked alongside the architect right from the early stages, offering its advice for the preparation of the bid for the tender organized by the customer. The choice of a ventilated wall proved a great success: not only does Marazzi fine porcelain stoneware help save energy while being strong and durable, it also has a distinctive texture that is very reminiscent of stone. Marazzi Group supplied the ventilated wall as a “turnkey” solution, solving all of the aspects involved in the final plans in perfect harmony with the architect and the customer, and the actual installation using exposed hooks. The greatest difficulty encountered during the actual installation was how to connect the flooring and the joints between the ventilated wall and the curved glass windows in the entrance atrium.


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