Fabric and Fresco, the beauty of contrasts.

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Marazzi's two latest collections decorate the home with inspiration from natural fibres and the textures of plaster

When it comes to wall coverings, the main difficulties facing the architect or interior designer relate to costs, the scale of the work to be done and the management of spaces.

Often, the use of large-size slimline wall tiles is the best choice, and with this in mind Marazzi offers two new collections in 40×120 cm size and just 6 mm thick: Fabric and Fresco.

Both collections are inspired by simple yet lovely materials – natural fibres in the first case, plaster in the second – to deliver unique sensory experiences.

In detail, Fabric is the collection, available in 5 colours, inspired by fabrics, and the weaves and threads of natural fibres, evoking their textures and basic shades. This collection's underlying concept is the creation of walls that look as soft as cloth but with all the technical properties of ceramics. A softness with strength, and a fabric effect that withstands water yet reaches down from the ceiling with a light touch.

Delightful contrasts that emerge in a refined collection, equally suitable for bathrooms, living rooms and public locations.

The same design approach is behind Fresco, the Marazzi collection available in 5 neutral colours in which plaster meets ceramics.

This wall covering focuses on the distinctively tactile look and typical colour shades of plaster applied in multiple layers and at different times. It is a contemporary reinterpretation that uses 3D structures, mosaics and decors to inspire the observer, enticing him into a sensual interaction with his environment.

While Fabric creates interiors that strongly reference cloth, wallpaper and the delicacy of natural fibres, with Fresco interiors acquire an elegant evocation of time, as features from the past are transported into the present.

Explore the Fabric and Fresco collections and allow yourself to be inspired by our photo gallery.