Antibacterial stoneware that combines wood and stone

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Alba, an eco-sustainable collection available in a wide range of sizes and surfaces, uses the new Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology.

Today, environmental sustainability and guaranteed hygiene and cleanliness are indispensable requirements for ceramic materials. Marazzi has responded with the new Alba collection, produced with 40% recycled material. Together with the stone-effect Carácter collection, Alba applies the new Puro Marazzi Antibacterial antimicrobial technology, which can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. It is not a photocatalytic process, but a silver ion treatment incorporated into the manufacturing process prior to firing at 1200 °C. 
The antibacterial action becomes an intrinsic property of the material, tested according to the strictest international standards, ensuring active protection in any light condition.

Alba combines another exclusive Marazzi technology, the StepWise™ patent, which makes the surface anti-slip, soft to the touch and easy to clean so the ceramic is suitable for indoor, outdoor and wet environments.

Alba is a stone-effect stoneware collection with warm, natural tones available in Blanco, Arena and Greige colours, designed to dialogue with the other core element of the collection, the oak wood-effect stoneware in a golden Roble shade. This chromatic dialogue between stone and wood is supported by two types of surfaces, natural and structured, and by multiple sizes – 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm, 30×60 cm in the three colours and 20×120 cm for the Roble boards. The collection’s variety makes it possible to design floor and wall coverings that are brought to life through the juxtaposition of sizes and multiple tone-on-tone or contrasting dimensions. For the wall covering, Alba adds three decorations to give the walls expressive variety: the three-dimensional Walltone structure (30×90 cm), the Talbot decoration (30×90 cm), which recalls traditional marble chip tiles and granulated marble tiles, and the mosaic in 30×30 cm modules in Blanco, Arena and Greige colours.

The Alba collection is a useful tool for interior design because it allows you to create very different atmospheres. Such as minimal spaces with a clean design created using seamless floor and wall coverings, as well as the large size, which eliminates the joints and makes the surfaces uniform. It is also suitable for retrofitting more traditional environments in which the wood effect creates a link with traditional materials. The same collection can be used to create various warm atmospheres that express the tactile appeal of stone and wood.

Alba offers design continuity that is also expressed in the transition between outdoor and indoor spaces and, more generally, in the most varied uses: from domestic to Ho.Re.Ca locations.