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Chroma and Neutral

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Chroma and Neutral

Two different ways of covering bathroom and kitchen walls with size 25x38 cm tiles. Glossy or matt, what's your choice?

Today's challenge is to take two collections of tilesof exactly the same size, in a similar assortment of colours, and create two completely different bathrooms.

The size is the traditional 25x38 cm and the colour range is based around neutral shades, with touches of blue and red. The outcome is two very different wall covering designs, in both cases for a modern, characterful bathroom.

In fact, the basic difference between the Chroma and Neutral collections lies in their finishes: Chroma is glossy, Neutral is matt. It is interesting to see that with the same size and a similar range of colours, the finish plays a key role in creating two completely different moods.

Chroma is a selection of glossy tiles in size 25x38 with a personality based on patterning. The collection includes geometrical, floral or 3D and mosaic decors, for a bright, very contemporary look derived from the glossy finish.

It is a collection for lovers of colour: the neutral beige and taupe shades are combined here with a blue and red given added vibrancy by their glossy finish. It is also the perfect collection for fans of Scandinavian themes, thanks to the triangular pattern that suits the latest craze for things Nordic.

Neutral is thematt tile in size 25x38 that evokes traditional surfaces such as fabrics and cement tiles. Here the neutral shades are made special by the graphic patterns typical of cement and azulejos tiles, by ornamental floral motifs, or by the 3D structure of Chroma itself.

In Neutral,blue and red are softened by their satiny finish, for decorating interiors with a touch of subdued, warm colour.

To complete both collections and for a bathroom in contemporary style,try combining Neutral and Chroma with a wood-look stoneware floor covering like that of the Treverktrendcollection, or a concrete-terracotta look stoneware of the kind  featured in Poudre.