Bathroom decoration ideas: the appeal of the hexagon!

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Hexagon tiles can give style and personality to the walls of your bathroom

Very trendy at present, hexagon tiles take you back in time, to the era when cement was all the rage. It was in the mid 19C that an innovative method was developed for producing tiles without a firing process: from pressed cement tiles, to granulated tiles, also containing fragments of natural stone and marble of different colours and sizes.

At that time, one of the most popular cement tile shapes was the hexagon. But let's return to the present: hexagon tiles have made a major comeback, reinterpreted in new technologies – they are now in porcelain stoneware instead of pressed cement – and contemporary taste.

Hexagon tiles can be used in every room of the home because their shape itself is decorative and versatile, fitting well into various interior design styles: minimal, classic, vintage, shabby chic or rustic. However, here we will focus on a few ideas for bathroom wall coverings. As well as providing a look that suits your style, hexagon tiles for use on bathroom walls have to be functional: waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to the cleaning products used to ensure hygiene.

Bathroom decoration ideas with cement-effect hexagon tiles

One option for a modern bathroom – with a mood that is minimal but not cold – is to cover the walls with an alternation of monochrome and decorated tiles. Go for hexagon tiles in neutral grey and beige shades: very sophisticated.

You can use decorated hexagon tiles – alone or mixed with solid colours – to highlight a part of the bathroom, such as the wall around the washbasin or the shower area. The Marazzi Clays collection of cement-effect porcelain stoneware tiles offers solid colour and decorated hexagon tiles of 21×18 cm, with geometrical and floral patterns that evoke historic cement tiles, in the soft Cotone, Conchiglia, Sabbia, Lava and Terra shades.

For your bathroom floor you can stay with hexagon tiles or opt for a different geometrical shape, either rectangular or square, or for a different material effect.


Bathroom decoration ideas with terracotta-effect hexagon tiles

If you want to give your bathroom a very warm "feel", terracotta-effect hexagon tiles are an excellent idea. Terracotta-look porcelain stoneware tiles are not necessarily for use for classic or rustic traditional moods; they are also great for furnishing bathrooms – and other rooms – in contemporary style.

You can cover all the walls of your bathroom with hexagon tiles with a very subtle decor effect, without alternating them with solid colour tiles, which you can adopt for the floor, still using the hexagon shape.

Cotti d'Italia, the Marazzi terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware collection, includes hexagon tiles of 21×18 cm in ever-popular shades – pink, beige, terracotta and brown – both in solid colour and with delicate fabric-like decorative patterns.

Bathroom decoration ideas with marble-effect hexagon tiles

Marble is the most exquisite of materials. With its multicolour stippling, it decorates your bathroom with a timeless, gleaming elegance, and porcelain stoneware offers it in a realistic evocation, also in the form of hexagon tiles.

If you want a sumptuous bathroom, check out the marble effect of the Allmarble porcelain stoneware collection by Marazzi, available in an assortment of light and dark shades, with uniformity varying depending on the inspiration marble. They are perfect for tiling the floor, for covering one or more walls or just for defining the shower enclosure.

The potentials of the Allmarble range of hexagonal tiles are enhanced by the decorated versions – a very sophisticated solution with their 6-sided shape that breaks down into a cube or a system of cubes – to give the bathroom's surfaces an even more distinctive touch.