Bathroom Special: Deluxe Bathroom

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Two ideas for luxurious, elegant bathrooms for the hospitality industry

The bathroom – the room devoted to body care – frequently plays a decisive role in defining a travel experience. It is a carefully calibrated blend of aesthetically surprising and functional choices that guarantee its hygiene. In a hotel and in any type of accommodation, latest-generation surfaces, furnishings and fittings are the key ingredients to immersing guests in an exclusive, intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

To achieve this result, it just takes a few carefully chosen details: a shower with an elegant combination of glass and fine wall coverings, a hung mirror accompanied by fixtures in the same shades as the coverings. A haven of peace and well-being, a very contemporary idea of luxury. The choice of texture combinations plays, once again, a decisive role: the first design preview features Grande Marble Look Sahara Noir marble combined with Vero wood in the Castagno finish; in the second, the Scenario Decoro Mix Nero is harmoniously balanced with the Treverklook White collection laid on the floor.


Project & Styling : Alessandro Pasinelli Studio


Deluxe Bathroom Grande + Vero

Floor: Vero Castagno Rett 22,5×180

Wall: Grande Marble Look Sahara Noir Lux Rett. 160×320

Shower Covering: Grande Marble Look Sahara Noir Lux Rett. 160×320



Wall lamp: Centrsvet Node nero

Taps: ERGO Q di Newform

Washbasin: Vaselli PIENTIA 610

Radiator: Tubes 14 nero

Stool: Ligne Roset San Stool

Painting: Davide Lovatti

Shower column: Newform

Sanitary: WIC Design OVVIO

Sanitary taps: ERGO Q di Newform

Sanitary plaque: Geberit Sigma 01 Nero

Speaker box: Bose




Deluxe Bathroom Treverklook + Scenario

Floor: M5SK Treverklook White Rett- 14,5×90

Wall: M8S9 Scenario Nero Lux 20×20

Shower Covering: M8RK Scenario Mix Nero 20×20



Wall lamp: Link Ottone di CVL Luminaires

Washbasin: Vaselli Pientia 610

Small table: Loren Ottone Baxter

Radiator: Tubes basics 14 bianco

Sanitary plaque: Geberit Sigma 01 Bianco

Speaker box: Bose

Sanitary: WIC Design OVVIO

Sanitary taps: ERGO Q di Newform

Shower column: Newform

Painting: Tiziano Sartorio