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Marazzi’s chopping-boards custom-made for, with marble effect technical porcelain stoneware finishes. A project promoted by Italian influencer Rossana Dian, offering convenience, hygiene and style everyone can afford. Because, as the influencer, known as ‘La Ross’, says, “porcelain stoneware is going to be everyday luxury”!

Italian influencer Rossana Dian has launched a partnership with Marazzi for the creation of custom-made porcelain stoneware chopping-boards for distribution through the ecommerce site of the blog, a leading opinion-former for simple cooking with healthy raw materials. The chopping-boards are entirely made with 6 mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs from the The Top Marble Look collection, in the Saint Laurent Satin and Lux, Calacatta Vena Vecchia Lux and Capraia Matt finishes, which guarantee resistance to cuts and chemicals, hygiene, and outstanding durability.

But let’s take a step back in time. Known to all as ‘La Ross’, Modena-born Rossana Dian lives on the shores of Lake Garda. Not a trained chef but a self-taught cook, over the years she has developed in-depth knowledge of food based on hands-on experience and the exchange of ideas with friends around a table. Her knowledge of healthy cooking derives from her personal passion for food that is good for us, helping us to feel at ease with ourselves and to keep fit. Rossana Dian, who has published a recipe book starting from the choice of products and their traceability, does a great deal of research into raw materials. This approach has won her more than 267,000 followers on Instagram and 21,000 on Facebook.

How did the chopping-board idea come about and how did you make contact with Marazzi?

I know all about Marazzi; I’m from Modena, after all! I love my home area’s products and I adore its people ;-). I met some marketing staff in the company’s showroom, and I was immediately fascinated by them and by the wonderful projects on show, and an idea immediately occurred to me…

How did you choose the finishes and why did you go for porcelain stoneware?

Cucinosano chopping boards had to be attractive, practical and hygienic. And they had to convey that homely, traditional feeling without necessarily using marble, which is very heavy. Since I cook every day, I also realised that they mustn’t move around while I was mixing dough on them. I chose porcelain stoneware because it has the right weight and because, apart from being a very hygienic material and exceptionally easy to clean, fundamental when you’re keeping your kitchen in order, it has the feel of a luxury material in spite of its affordable price. I always wanted the chopping-boards to be attractive enough to remain on show as design items, yet still very practical. Marazzi came up with these custom-made products exactly as I wanted them, for me and my followers in the community.

How many of the chopping-boards will be made and how are you thinking of distributing them?

We’ve only just started out, so I don’t know about numbers 😉 For now they’ll be distributed online through my site. I hope the partnership with Marazzi will be a lasting one. Because Marazzi and I chose each other, and we get on very well, so I predict a long series of good ideas. I’m thinking of redesigning the interiors of my home with porcelain stoneware: this material is destined to be everyday luxury!