Designing commercial premises

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Porcelain stoneware, a great solution for shops, bars and restaurants 

When it comes to designing commercial premises, the choice of flooring is strongly influenced by technical and regulatory concerns, to which questions of appearance must take second place.

Health and hygiene needs vary depending on the premises’ intended use, but generally a washable, waterproof flooring is necessary, while safety and fire prevention regulations demand materials which are anti-slip and resistant to fire. Another factor is the need for greater wear-resistance than in residential buildings, which of course are less heavily used than commercial locations. Last but not least, convenient, easy maintenance will save labour when it comes to cleaning the premises.

Porcelain stoneware is one of the best alternatives for the floors of commercial premises because it is a tough, waterproof material with a very low porosity level. What’s more, it is very easy to clean and maintain. 
Porcelain stoneware is also an excellent material for constructing raised floors, which are becoming more and more popular because they provide a high degree of architectural flexibility and allow the underlying systems to be inspected easily, with no masonry works involved.

So porcelain stoneware can be an excellent solution for the design of floors and walls: it has the advantage of availability in a wide assortment of finishes and sizes, including large sizes, and easy adaptation to many different styles.
For example, for premises in rustic style one ideal choice is Cotti d'Italia terracotta-effect stoneware. Powder and Memento are concrete-effect stoneware collections that will provide a contemporary, industrial look. For the elegance of stone, turn to Mystone_Ardesia, while for wood-effect look no further than the Treverk lines.