Pinch reinterprets the fragmented Venetian Seminato material

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An accurate evocation of the details and colours of Venetian Seminato, given new life through a modern interpretation of this fragmented material

The latest trend in porcelain stoneware floor tiles is the return to the floors of “past times”. Italian cement tiles have been with us for a while, and it is now the turn of sumptuous floorings: Venetian Seminato, also known as “Venetian Battuto” or "Venetian Terrazzo", and Palladiana, containing larger marble pieces, are coming back into fashion through a modern interpretation of fragmented material.

It is an evocative return, recalling interiors with an air of time-worn luxury. Not only historic buildings, in which Venetian Seminato provided the floorings of large aristocratic saloons, but also the domestic interiors of a more recent, familiar past.

Through the Pinch porcelain stoneware collection, Marazzi offers its modern reinterpretation of the beauty of the exquisite marble granules which constituted classical floor coverings like “Venetian Terrazzo” or “Venetian Seminato”.

The 5 colours in the range run from white to black by means of intermediate shades such as grey or beige. Solutions which bring prestige to interiors furnished in classical style (perhaps with dark, old-fashioned colours) or give character to modern, minimalist design schemes. As in other collections, Marazzi aims to support the most widely varying design requirements through a wide selection of glossy and matt mosaics.

These fragments of material gain a new identity, which also extends to the geometric sizes used. The classical hexagon is unravelled to open the way to new, more imaginative interlocking laying patterns, evoking colours and geometric effects more similar to Palladiana floors. The potentials offered by the Lux decor and mosaic effect in the Marazzi Pinch collection are particularly interesting here. A patchwork of colours and surfaces for combination with all collection variants and ideal for creating wall panels or defining floors with a strong personality.