From A to B

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SistemB is the new “Basis” for architectural design

The Marazzi Tecnica Colour Plan is boosted with a new product collection which expands and broadens the scope of application of a project designed to become “the Ceramic Tiles Alphabet” for the world of architecture.

A new letter, B,  is added to the alphabet for designers, who can work with all the products in the Colour Plan thanks to colour compatibility and versatility unequalled in the international ceramics arena.

SistemB is the new “Basis” for architectural design.

A vast range of colours, sizes and surfaces with excellent stylistic content designed to last.
The minimalist look almost resembles a plain tile, but is enhanced with a glossy effect achieved by applying reflective raw materials to the surface.
Ten neutral colours, divided into subtly graded warm and cold shades, make up a rigorous, understated colour palette which is perfect for contemporary spaces.

The range is available in three surfaces:
– Natural, soft to the touch, ideal for residential and commercial ambiences;
– Lux, particularly bright and shiny;
– Bushhammered, largely, but not exclusively, for outdoor use.

The four rectified sizes, 60×120, 60×60, 30×60, 30×30 and the pre-cut mosaic tiles maximize the compositional possibilities of SistemB.

Completing the series is a wide range of trims that are essential for technical products, like step tiles, skirting tiles, L-shaped tiles and coved skirting with matching corners.

A product with exceptional technical performance that makes it suitable for use in any setting; from areas that experience heavy traffic (like airports, shopping centres and hotels) to others with medium-intensity daily footfall (shops) through to residential spaces.