Grande Marble Look, the charm of marble and the lightness of the large slabs in 6 mm thick

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The new Marazzi collection reinterprets 8 natural marbles in a large size 120x240, in a refined contemporary assortment that references architecture’s greatest classics

It is not only the material that looks back to the past: after the year’s first interior design exhibitions, Maison&Objet and IMM Cologne, the 2018 trend in the world of interiors seems to be a strong, vibrant return to the 1920s.

Curved shapes, velvet, gold and black: the luxury and splendour of the Roaring Twenties were the real interior design stars at the Cologne and Paris shows, where sophisticated yet austere design schemes gently led us back in time to that very distinctive decade.

The marble effect contributes to and underlines the trend, becoming the main material for floorings and wall coverings that exquisitely evoke past eras and natural environments.

The beauty of marble has conquered the ceramic covering world, driving major technological developments in two directions. On the one hand, the production of large slabs with minimal thickness, delivering excellent performances in terms of light weight, ductility and strength; on the other, digital reproduction, enabling the accurate reproduction of the vein patterns, the shade variations and even the flaws of naturally occurring marble slabs.

A reinterpretation which provides countless benefits, allowing exceptionally versatile projects and infinite tailor made potentials.

Perfectly up to date with fashions and cutting-edge technologies, at Cersaie Marazzi launched the Grande Marble Look collection, which evokes the classical elegance of marble in large size porcelain stoneware (120×120 cm and 120×240 cm) just 6 mm thick.

Its technical characteristics of ductility, strength and light weight, combined with the large sizes, allow the exploration of new frontiers in interior design, highlighting the complexity of patterning which gives this collection its unique refinement.

The Marazzi range contains 8 types of marble, from the more delicate Altissimo, Lasa and Raffaello to the darker Saint Laurent, Brera Grey and Frappuccino, by way of the classical Statuario and the precious Golden White.

What’s more, each type of marble is given added potential by two different finishes: the matt natural surface and the glossy version, for striking, extremely elegant interiors.

Explore the Grande Marble Look collection and allow yourself to be inspired by our photo gallery.