Heritage and innovation, an unbreakable bond

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Marazzi has recently developed six innovative solutions: Zero Glossy, Sublime Sync, BodyPlus, High Performance, Puro Marazzi Antibacterial and StepWise. A brand new range of technologies, the most recent chapter in a long story of research and continually evolving processes and products.

Tunnel kilns in the ’50s, single-firing in the ’70s and glazing on an incandescent substrate in the ’80s are just some of the revolutions that have shaped a story based on continuous research.

Marazzi has always worked to develop new processes and technologies in partnership with leading pioneers of technological innovation and in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Innovation and digitalisation of processes, low environmental impact, and protection of people and the local area make the brand a point of reference both in Italy and at an international level. The Group boasts a competitive advantage thanks to its focus on development and abundant internal expertise interwoven with a vast network of professionals in the Sassuolo area, Italy and worldwide.

New technological patents and highly sophisticated plants allow the company to rapidly respond to the trends of the various markets, guaranteeing productivity, quality and flexibility.




Innovation timeline