Kitchens without limits to creativity

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Marazzi showcases the potential of its The Top collection at Eurocucina, with its Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology making porcelain stoneware an even safer solution for food preparation surfaces.

An elegant, contemporary household atmosphere.
Marazzi is putting the compositional potential of its large size porcelain stoneware slabs on show at Eurocucina 2022, used for all surfaces in the exhibition installations, along with its new The Top antibacterial slabs, in a project that joins design to performance and safety.

Two inspiring kitchen installations, authentic living spaces full of design solutions which outline the surfaces and configure the space.
The project, curated by Il Magma studio, presents two kitchen/living rooms with an architectural and yet non-minimalist look, full of solutions that configure the space while revealing the innumerable possibilities of large porcelain stoneware slabs.

The project is guided by the wish to create continuous textural correspondences between the surfaces, like the kitchen walls and tops, or the tables and other interior design elements. Porcelain stoneware slabs are a fully-fledged tool for designing and creating tailormade furnishings, maintaining material continuity with architectural elements like the tables and doors, and enabling the designer to use matching materials for different functions, like in the living room and kitchen, without limits due to their specific use and resistance to impact and staining, among others.

Rare marbles like Quarzo Bluegrey, Bianco Arni and Verde Borgogna come to life again, in more sustainable form than their originals, polished or natural, over large surfaces and elements: the kitchen walls and tops, kitchen units and doors, tables and floors.

With the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology preventing the spread of bacteria and other micro-organisms, the new look Travertino Classico collection stands out for its unbeatable quality while making porcelain stoneware safer than ever.

Available in six cement, marble and stone look variants, Puro Marazzi Antibacterial The Top slabs, in the 12 mm thickness, eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms, thanks to the integration of surface protection into their production, thus offering the ideal solution for kitchen tops, sinks, tables and all other surfaces involved in the preparation of food.

The Top collection is made with sustainable production methods certified to the highest international standards, in a factory dedicated exclusively to making large porcelain stoneware slabs, using cutting edge technologies and management systems to guarantee the outstanding quality of the entire process and the product itself.

The deep veining of The Top Bianco Arni stands out in the quarter match pattern, with a play of reflections over the entire floor and in the first large L-shaped kitchen, with induction hob and integrated sink, while the adjacent table is made with a slab of The Top Quarzo Bluegrey, also used on the back wall.

The second kitchen, in an island configuration, features three geometrical forms, made entirely of porcelain stoneware, once again with two contrasting looks, stone and marble, featuring the warm veining of Verde Borgogna in the glossy finish, and Travertino Classico in the brand new antibacterial satin finish. The large round kitchen table is made with The Top Stone Look Granito Black 20 mm, while a third table, inside the private area showcasing the entire range of Marazzi slabs, features a top in Marble Look Verde Cipollino, also present in the central form separating the two kitchen installations, and in the extraordinary 3 m tall flush-mounted door.

Marazzi’s stand at Eurocucina also demonstrates the role of the kitchen in the modern home: a living space, no longer just for the preparation of food, but rather a centre of the home, continuous with the living room, for the family to sit down, work and spend time together. The Marazzi The Top space is rounded out with bookshelves, furnishings and warm wall coverings which dialogue with the porcelain stoneware, like the wooden walls and the curtains, creating a lived-in, homey mood.