Magnifica: the luxury of natural stone and the performance of contemporary ceramics

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The new collection of slimline wall tiles in an original large size

Magnifica is a collection of white body ceramic wall tiles for those who want to add a touch of class to the bathroom or the kitchen backsplash while enjoying all the practical benefits of modern ceramics. Their slenderness (just 7 mm) and the new large 60×180 cm size also make them perfect for unusual applications in other areas of the house or even the doors on pieces of furniture.

The tiles come in five textures: Statuario and Calacatta Gold for lovers of marble, and Limestone Sand, Limestone Taupe and Moon for those that prefer the contemporary feel of stone. The five finishes are also available on a tile of the same size (60×180 cm) but with a bamboo-effect 3D ribbed structure (Mikado decor).

Magnifica also offers various decorative options that highlight the veining and preciousness of the stones which inspire them. The three mosaics and golden listel tile (Golden) in question can be used to underline the break in the tiles or to separate sizes and colours:

  • Stick, 29×38 cm, consists of slimline listel tiles in relief and is available in three stone effects (Limestone Sand, Limestone Taupe and Moon). It can also be laid either vertically or horizontally;
  • Strip is a mosaic that covers the tiles of the collection in three identical 60×60 cm modules, each of which divided into vertical bands of different widths broken up by metallic inserts, and is available in all 5 colour options;
  • Finally, Circle is a mosaic of 31×31 cm circular chips with titanium inserts. It comes in the two marble effects Statuario and Calacatta Gold.


Perfect in both private environments and commercial contexts, Magnifica adds a touch of luxury and class to walls while at the same time guaranteeing the performance and easy maintenance of indoor ceramics.