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Marazzi Designs the Ideal Home

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Marazzi Designs the Ideal Home

Open, fluid, comfortable and above all tactile.

The architecture references the "interplay of transparencies and clean, tasteful lines" beloved to Mies Van Der Rohe: an archetype of modernity that defines a free, communicative spatiality. The monolithic glazed form, heir to iconic models such as Mies's Farmsworth House or Philip Johnson's Glass House, projects the home's spaces onto a stage. The natural surroundings are the only audience. The rooms succeed each other in a continuum enriched by the perceptive dialogue between the intimacy of the living spaces and the qualities of the context. Large windows and lush green areas filter not only the indoor/outdoor relationship but also those between the mansion's various rooms. The passage from room to room offers the experience of a real tactile promenade, where ceramic coverings are the unifying theme running through the entire home: not just a background or finishing, but the protagonist and creator of each individual room's multi-faceted personality.

Distant impressions blend harmoniously in the living-room, thanks to the walls covered with Zellige, a very glossy, uneven clay colour single-firing resembling the hand-made Moroccan majolica tiles, in a shade matching the Mystone Gris du Gent floor that evokes the elegant grey marbles of northern Europe. In the kitchen-dining room we are surrounded by warmth and luxury, walking on a carpet of wood effect Vero stoneware to the kitchen itself, which is in exquisite marble (Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia), seamlessly continuing the walls covered with the same material. There are trendy yet retro moods in the bedroom: a very fashionable black and white Palladiana pattern (Ghiara), the latest episode in the popular Venetian Terrazzo 2.0 series, triumphs on the floor and halfway up the walls, attractively matched with a minimal snow-white wall (Grande Resin Look Bianco) and a large desk with top in a rare green marble (Grande Marble Look Verde Aver). The combination of Palladiana pattern and marble (very fine-grained and Statuario respectively) returns in one of the two bathrooms, while the other is a tactile masterpiece of stone and wood (Magnifica Limestone Taupe and Vero Rovere). A perfect setting for the two striking forms of the washbasins, with a powerful optical contrast between black granite and pale marble (Grande Stone Look Granito Black and Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia). Every ideal home must have a patio, a place to relax in a hybrid between indoor and outdoor living, emphasised by the earthy textures of Terratech stoneware, in a refined combination of the Vinaccia and Senape colours.

The promenade culminates outdoors, on a terrace extending into a pond, a simple platform clad with wood and stone (Vero Rovere and Mystone Gris du Gent), a spectacular link between the house and the landscape. A worthy crown for a vision of a home in which nature, architecture, design and technology successfully combine.