Casa C&A, a renovation project in Genoa with black and white minimalist interiors

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The Materika 3D Wave wall tiles transform the bathroom's peThe Materika 3D Wave wall tiles transform the bathroom's personality

The Andrea Orioli Architetto firm recently renovated a small apartment in Genoa in minimalist, contemporary style.

The main aim of the Casa C&A project was to optimise the internal layout, with a new subdivision between the living and sleeping areas and a more direct, convenient link between the kitchen and living room.

This aim was achieved with a series of small changes mainly involving the entrance hall zone.

The addition of a new permanent interior design feature – a partition which also creates a passage – increased the independence of the living and sleeping areas, separating their functions more clearly. The project also transformed the kitchen and living room into two communicating areas, through a new passage and a new layout.

The functional changes were accompanied by the introduction of a minimalist, contemporary style. The basic colour scheme is black and white, with some features in neutral shades and just a few touches of colour on the accessories and fabrics.

The black and white theme is particularly striking in the master bathroom, which was refurbished with replacement of the bathtub with a shower and new furnishings and finishes.

To accentuate the contrast with the dark flooring, there could be no better choice than covering the walls with Marazzi Materika wall tiles in pristine Off White colour, in smooth and structured finishes.

The shower wall was decorated with Materika 3D Wave, the right solution for anyone wishing to give a room individuality with a minimalist decorative feature that still delivers a strong visual impact. The 3D Wave structure brings variety to the wall with an uneven pattern and chiaroscuro effects, and creates a seamless, joint-free covering thanks to the large 40×120 cm size.