Marazzi restyles its London showroom in St. John Street in the heart of the design district

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The Grande extra-large slabs and The Top star in the new-look Clerkenwell location

Design Talks with Stephanie Woodward and Giovanni Iasevoli on 17 October to mark the inauguration of the new space


Marazzi, international leader in ceramic tile design and manufacture, is restyling its London showroom, opened in 2017 in the heart of Clerkenwell, to present the new Grande collection extra-large slabs and the The Top solutions for kitchen and bathroom countertops, tables and furnishings.

The new design of the interior of over 300 sq.m. utilises the large stoneware slabs for construction of the walls, decorative panels, bookcases and reception desk and for the kitchen corner of the showroom, demonstrating the new material's infinite potentials.

The entrance is dominated by the glossy surface and striking handmade effect of the Zellige tiles from the just-launched “Crogiolo” collection, Marazzi's investigation of industrial craftsmanship, which rediscovers the beauty of authentic, colourful, decorated ceramic tiles, springing from the union of traditional skills and industrial technology.

The countertops of the kitchen area within the new showroom are all created using Grande Marble Look Elegant Black slabs in the new The Top range: these large porcelain stoneware slabs with exquisite matt, satiny and glossy surfaces are intended for the design of countertops, backsplashes, tables, cabinet doors and infinite tailor-made furnishing options for residential and commercial contexts.

For Marazzi, the London showroom is a key location for supporting and co-working with customers, dealers, architects and designers, both through the presentation of innovative solutions of outstanding aesthetic and technological quality, and through the organisation of events, talks and meetings focused on the topics of greatest interest for the building design world.

In fact, to mark the new space's inauguration, on 17 October it hosted two “Design Talks”, organised in association with The Plan magazine, on the topic of the design of everyday living and working spaces, by Stephanie Woodward, Partner and Head of the Interior Design Division at Cushman & Wakefield, and on the circular economy in large-scale design, by Giovanni Iasevoli, Head and Founder of GI Development Consulting.