Marazzi stoneware on ventilated facades

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Efficient solutions to guarantee the best energy standards both for new buildings and renovations.

An effective solution for easily guaranteeing respect for energy standards in both new and renovated buildings, the ventilated facades makes it possible to considerably reduce fuel consumption with regard to the values established by Legislative Decree 311 in 2007, and subsequent atmospheric emissions.

The ventilated curtain wall system is the building cladding technology that delivers the best results in terms of guaranteeing thermal and acoustic insulation, resolving damp problems and protecting buildings from weathering.

The multi-layered structure of the ventilated curtain wall activates a continual natural ventilation process across the façade, eliminating excess humidity and contributing to cooling in the summer and controlling heat loss in the winter. The thermal performance of the system is based largely on the principle of the so-called “chimney effect”, a flow of natural ventilation from the bottom up which is obtained by leaving a gap of a few centimetres between the building’s perimeter wall (covered with an insulating layer) and its external protective surface.

Porcelain stoneware slabs are often chosen to cover the ventilated facades because they are lighter than natural materials like stone or marble, more resistant, and easy to maintain and clean. Stoneware is also an important value added from an aesthetic perspective, making it possible to personalise the project thanks to a large colour palette and different finishes such as wood effect, marble, stone and terracotta-concrete.

Stoneware slabs are anchored to the building using two main systems: AGV (visible anchoring) and AGS (concealed anchoring). In the first of these systems the elements of the external protective surface are supported by stainless steel visible hooks. In the other system, the slab is anchored to the load-bearing structure by means of clamps, which are fixed to the back of the tile with special screw anchors.

Marazzi is able to supply turnkey ventilated curtain walls and to support designers from the first steps of the design process.