Marazzi’s products for 2022

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The Marazzi catalogue dedicated to the new ceramic and porcelain stoneware collections is now available. Download it now!

For Marazzi, 2022 is a year of Premium Technologies applied to an increasingly wide range of collections. The most recent addition to the Stone Look range is Uniche, a latest-generation porcelain stoneware featuring the new Premium 3D Ink technology: an advanced printing system that combines optical recognition and printing patterns for a perfect match between the tile’s patterning and three-dimensional structures. And every Uniche slab is, as the name suggests, truly unique!

The most notable new entry in the Concrete Look range is Cementum. For extraordinary realism and compositional options, the collection combines the sophisticated Premium Technology BodyPlus – innovative body mixes that blend naturally coloured raw materials with micro-pebbles, grits and flakes – with the non-slip properties of Premium Technology StepWise. Cementum is available in nine sizes, eight colours and four decorations – from geometric to floral – for an unprecedented concrete effect. For even more extensive use, a 6 mm-thick version is added for so-called ‘Thin Floor’ slimline stoneware tiles, ideal for renovation floors.

On the other hand, when it comes to slimline coverings, i.e. slim collections ideal for restyling or renovation, there is a truly vast choice: decorations, surface effects and a wide range of colours and sizes. “Thin Wall Coverings” are joined this year by the White Deco collection with a monochrome background and floral, botanical or tropical decorations, and Momenti, distinguished by its colour and matt-effect surface, both in a large size.

The small sizes of Crogiolo – tiles with a glossy finish and intentionally irregular surfaces, reminiscent of handmade ceramics – have been expanded. There are new colours for the Crogiolo Lume collection in the 6×24 cm size and the new Crogiolo Memoria collection, featuring glossy or semi-matt 15×15 cm tiles for wall or floor coverings inspired by decorative motifs from our Mediterranean tradition.

The 2022 catalogue offers a wide range of tactile effects and sizes, ranging from 5×15 to 120×120 cm. The new Vero and Oltre collections with large-size oak-effect stoneware planks are the stars of a great revival: the chevron installation pattern, with a 60° degree cut – so-called French or Hungarian chevron –, with a smaller size compared to the rest of the range (11×54 cm).

Marazzi’s Collections 2022 catalogue offers a combination of sizes and textures, as well as a range of inlays, allowing maximum compositional freedom in residential and contract spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

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