Preview, the glossy stoneware for contemporary interiors

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Tiles inspired by stone and marble, in minimalist taste

Without a doubt, one of the most popular recent trends is proving to be minimalism.

The “less is more” philosophy is all the rage in interior design, accompanied by an elegant, contemporary approach to furnishing.

The minimalist style forswears frills and ornamental excess in favour of quality furniture with simple, strong lines, combined with materials and finishes that decorate the interior with their textures.

Preview by Marazzi is the ideal collection for interiors in contemporary taste, minimalist in character with strong graphic impact. It is a glossy stoneware inspired by marble and stone, with a uniform surface where all the beauty of the texture is made evident by the honed finish, in which colour and shine are enhanced to the utmost.

Not just minimalist interiors: Preview stoneware is, for example, the perfect background for those planning a daring furniture mix&match, who are therefore looking for a glossy, even material with an almost mirror finish to underline the effect of the furnishings and ornaments. It is also excellent for interiors in classic taste, where glossy floor tiles in more contemporary style are often preferred.

Preview is available in just two sizes (rectangular 58×116 and square 58×58 cm) and in ten different finishes which reproduce the beauty of stone and marble. White, ivory, grey, beige and brown, through to a pink finish, warm and cool shades drawn from the natural colours of stone and marble, for a natural yet sophisticated effect.

Let the renderings in our gallery inspire you.