Marazzi Mystone, stone-effect stoneware becomes three-dimensional

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Stoneware evokes the natural world with these 3D wall coverings, the supreme expression of the stone effect

The tactile perception of a material is definitely a crucial factor for anyone choosing a wall covering; we instinctively feel the surface of the material to see what kind of impression it gives. This is one of the reasons why the new stonewares are very often inspired by natural materials.

These considerations are the drivers behind two important new trends: the stone effect and the 3D effect, combined by Marazzi in the Mystone collection.

Mystone stoneware is ideal for designing both residential and commercial locations and perfect for achieving visual continuity between indoors and outdoors. It combines its elegant looks with outstanding technical characteristics, and is therefore also ideal for ventilated walls or places exposed to heavy traffic.

The choice of a large assortment of inspiration stones (including Ceppo di Gré, Lavagna, Pietra di Vals and Quarzite, for example) and a variety of sizes, makes Mystone by Marazzi an excellent solution to the architect's needs for interior decoration, exterior design and the contract sector.

What's more, the Mystone collection also includes 3D modules, for giving variability to walls and creating panels with striking visual impact, often used to define focal points in both exteriors and interiors.

These modules can be used to generate attractive light and shade effects, textures and contrasts that are stimulating to the senses and invite people to interact with them.

The 3D effect on stone-effect stoneware gives added emphasis to its surface, making it authentic, impressive and almost unpredictable.

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