Outfit: 3D patterns and textures for the new fabric-effect wall covering

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A new collection, which, through a mix of colours and decorations, offers versatile solutions for covering residential and commercial locations

In recent years, ceramic has experienced a new era as a protagonist and interpreter of modern stylistic requirements.

In Marazzi’s new Outfit wall covering collection, ceramic, a chameleonic tool thanks to new digital technologies, reinterprets the same feeling of comfort, including in a tactile sense, of the warps and wefts of fabrics on a shiny surface.

Volumes and patterns are combined with the beauty and technical properties of ceramic in this new large-size collection, which offers a surprising variety of decorative and chromatic elements suited to the most varied combinations and furnishing solutions.

The range of colours designed for Outfit are harmoniously combined in an assortment of calibrated tones that can be combined in different ways, from paler shades of ice, grey and ivory to more saturated tones of red, blue and turquoise.

The new Outfit collection is made even more versatile by 4 decorations that follow the latest stylistic trends and vary from bright geometric prints to classic patterns restyled with shiny finishes.

The Tetris structure, characterized by small 3D geometric volumes enriched by a canvas-effect texture, is available in all of the 7 colour variations that make up the collection and is particularly suitable for covering entire walls.

Jacquard is a decoration composed of two elements that can be paired together and randomly arranged. This model is inspired by Jacquard fabrics and combines various floral and geometric patterns.

Score is inspired by hand-woven cotton Kilim rugs. The lines are made tactile by the large knots and shiny details.

The Twine decoration, inspired by upholstery fabrics, is more traditionally elegant: enriched with satin-like materials and shiny metallic effects, it is available in three tone-on-tone colour variations and can be used vertically or in horizontal bands.