The perfect fusion of indoors and outdoors? Here is how it can be achieved

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How to create a winter garden using large windows and seamless coverings

In contemporary interior projects, one of the main requirements is to optimise and visually enlarge spaces, naturally enhancing them. 

The images of this residential project illustrate an effective design strategy that can be applied to many different contexts. The photos depict a modern flat located in the province of Ravenna and designed by the Gruppo Lithos Architettura team.

The designers have created an authentic winter garden in the dining room overlooking the courtyard, making full use of the natural light from the two floor-to-ceiling windows. The outdoor area, which surrounds the room on two sides, takes on a completely different dimension, becoming an integral part of the interior: this result is achieved by choosing to cover the floors with the same porcelain stoneware, Mystone Ceppo di Gré stone-effect porcelain stoneware seamlessly laid in the large 75×150 cm size.

Maxi-tiles, which can also be laid vertically, help to furnish the space without the need to introduce additional decorative elements on the wall. 

Mystone Ceppo di Gré, the collection selected to cover floors and walls, is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use and gives both areas a natural look, eliminating the separation between them. Opening the windows gives the impression of being on a large terrace surrounded by greenery. 

The choice of stone-effect porcelain stoneware also makes it possible to introduce wood as a contrasting material for the furnishing elements: thus the large oak table echoes the warmth of the parquet laid in the interior living room.

This collection is not only very visually striking, but also enhanced with High Performance technologies.
Made with exclusive technologies, High Performance ceramic materials offer extraordinarily high performance from a technical standpoint and meet the strictest international regulatory standards.