From former carpentry workshop to “workshop for living”

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Traditional coverings like wood-effect stoneware and lots of natural light for the renovation of a former carpentry workshop, now used as a private residence.

This project takes us to Spain, to the seaside quarter of Cabanyal in Valencia, famous for its vibrantly coloured houses and a backdrop that conjures up ancient fishermen’s tales. This is the charming location of a former carpentry workshop, which lay empty before being renovated and converted into a home.

The property features a horizontal floor plan, with the living area facing west and the bedroom area located towards the patio. The renovation project, by architects Estudio Veinteporveinte, takes light as a key design focus. This choice prompted work to restore the outdoor surfaces, while the front door shutters allow the brightness of natural light pouring in to be adjusted. The garden has also been opened up in order to allow more light inside.

A hallway leads from the living space to the bedroom area, where every interior design choice has been carefully studied to reflect the space’s commercial past as a workshop. The living room is the main space derived from the property’s previous use as a workshop. Original features that have been preserved include the vaulted ceiling with wooden beams and bays that point to extensions made over the building’s 90-year history.

The textures are traditional, with porcelain stoneware floor tiles that convey the warmth of wood and glazed ceramic tiles or white plaster for wall coverings. The variety of wood chosen for the flooring finds the perfect response in the light hues of the Treverkhome Betulla collection by Marazzi. It is a wood effect whose particular shade brings warmth to the interior, creating a homely feel, but at the same time it is an excellent choice for allowing the natural light that floods in through the windows overlooking the street to reach all areas of the interior. A nod to tradition with the wood effect but also a contemporary touch thanks to its technical performance, a feature of porcelain stoneware, and the installation pattern using large-size 20×120 cm tiles.

In a simple, traditional ground plan, the living room, as the main reception space, occupies the lion’s share of the floor area, functioning as a multipurpose space that responds to the many different requirements of modern living. A children’s play area, a corner for keeping a bicycle, a study zone, a room for dancing, a quiet reading corner. A welcoming space with warm, natural light and traditional coverings. A workshop for living.