Treverklife and Treverkdear, all the time-worn look of wood on porcelain stoneware

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Two new Marazzi collections inspired by Venice’s oak navigation channel marker posts and large timber planks, recounting the passing of time

Thanks to the latest digital printing technologies, wood-effect stoneware now equals the peerless beauty of natural wood itself. The excellent resolution and variety of patterns achievable with ink-jet printing now allow natural subjects to be reproduced on stoneware with absolute accuracy, including even the most sophisticated effects such as those left by the passing of time.

The latest Marazzi wood-effect stoneware collections evoke the time-worn look of raw timber, in line with the very latest trends. Today’s most fashionable interiors mix modernity and signs of the passing of time, old and new, with materials that evoke inspirations of bygone days thank to increasingly state-of-the-art effects.

Observation of the wearing of the wood of Venice’s “briccole”, historic oak posts that stand in the water to mark the navigation channels, is the source of the new Treverklife wood-look stoneware collection: the wear caused by time and the brine eroding the wood create an unusual effect which Treverklife reproduces with great accuracy. This collection is made even more unique by the tiny holes in the stoneware, that create the distinctive impression of those made in the wooden beams by little wood-boring marine molluscs.
A tactile effect which combines very attractively with the warm wood colours like those that appear in the oak of the “briccole” through exposure to the sun. Treverklife comes in three warm shades: Honey, Cherry and Walnut.

Treverkdear is the new wood-effect stoneware collection that reproduces all the beauty of time-worn large oak planks.
Imagine the planks of historic buildings, with splitting and the marks left by time and nails: Treverkdear stoneware re-creates this distinctive finish to create warm, welcoming home interiors. Treverkdear is also available in the extra-thick version in the 40×120 cm size, ideal for paving outdoor spaces, including the option of dry installation on gravel, grass or sand.

Explore the whole of the vast Treverk range of Marazzi wood-effect porcelain stoneware and let the photogallery inspire you.