Uniche, the new beauty of limestones

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Ostuni, Cadiz, Arles and Avignone: the beauty of four Mediterranean limestones acquires new form in the Uniche stoneware collection.

Textures and shades inspired by the tactile beauty of stones formed by the sedimentation of organic matter define the new porcelain stoneware collection produced with innovative, environment-friendly production processes. Natural raw materials, sustainable, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and a new technology, applied to tiles’ structure and surface for the first time, create this collection with a strong aesthetic and tactile personality and an extremely realistic stone effect.

There are three finishes – natural and Velvet for indoors and structured, for outdoor locations – and four sizes (60×120, 60×60, 30×60 and 30×30 cm), together with the extra-thick 20 mm option, the mosaic with small square and rectangular chips – Spaccatella – in 30×60 cm modules, and a complete range of trims for zones requiring special attention to details, such as swimming-pools. This wide assortment of sizes enables mixes of different dimensions and an astonishing variety of solutions thanks to the many possible compositions.

Uniche embraces some of the new production technologies developed by Marazzi compatible with all its product systems: 3D Ink and StepWise feature in this new porcelain stoneware collection.

It is StepWise which gives the new range a high degree of slip resistance, even though it has absolutely no roughness, with a soft-touch, easy-clean surface. These characteristics are intrinsic to the product and are retained unchanged over time. The latest Marazzi Premium Technology to be introduced is 3D Ink, a process that achieves perfect matching of patterning and structure, colour and texture, in every single tile, with superlative details, and variations in shine and shade, as well as an extremely natural surface.

The Uniche collection’s exquisite appearance and technical performances are destined to make it the benchmark in many architectural design sectors, from retail to residential and from public to open air locations, enabling continuity between indoor finishes and outdoor solutions.