Unlimited inclusiveness

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Spaces designed to accommodate different uses and new lifestyles, with unbroken continuity between indoors and outdoors. In Marazzi’s international advertising campaign the new collections convey the concept of harmony in home design: infinite combinations of porcelain stoneware surfaces that meet both the aesthetic and the functional demands of durable, safe spaces, with technical standards guaranteed in the most widely varying applications and intended uses.

Our main demand from our home is that we should feel comfortable there, protected and reassured also by the emotional bond we build up with the furnishings and materials around us. Over time, living-spaces have ceased to be single-purpose and have become fluid, combining new intended uses and lifestyles, with unbroken continuity between indoors and outdoors.

From indoor to outdoor use, from the living-room to the bathroom and from kitchen coverings to furniture, The Top textures enable sophisticated applications with a high degree of customisation.

“When designing this space”, Chiara Ormelli and Massimo Colonna, founders of the Il Magma collective which undertook the project, explain, “we made ample use of ‘outsize’ features, emphasising shapes that dialogue perfectly with the tactile appeal of The Top collection slabs and also with the versatility of porcelain stoneware, which can be used these days to define surfaces of all kinds – from worktops to floor and wall coverings, from cupboard doors through to furniture surfaces – enabling us to experiment with a wide spectrum of languages and solutions without having to consider a boundary between indoors and outdoors.”

The location’s central feature is a free-standing outdoor kitchen structured in 3 blocks, clad entirely with porcelain stoneware: one in the centre, accommodating the induction hob, in The Top Stone Look Travertino, and two at the sides, with integral sink and worktop, in The Top Marble Look Verde Borgogna. The circular table constructed to the architects’ design is in Stone Look Granito Black 12 mm, an extremely tactile surface with a very satisfying “feel”. The floor is covered with Stone Look Limestone Ivory slabs.

The dialogue in materials between architectural areas and features, such as between the living-room and the kitchen, is continued with no restrictions in terms of resistance to impacts or stains.

What’s more, The Top Stone Look Travertino surfaces are manufactured with Puro Marazzi Antibacterial, a Premium technology incorporated in the production process that protects surfaces by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacterial and other harmful microorganisms. An ideal solution for ensuring hygiene in damp locations like the coverings of kitchen countertops, sinks and tables in contact with foodstuffs.