Vero, the new wood-effect stoneware

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Ceaseless innovation and research raise ceramic parquet to new hyper-realistic heights of expression for porcelain stoneware

Challenging the most perceptive eye and the most sceptical mind. It is hard to tell whether the colours, knots and vein patterns are the work of Mother Nature or technology: a state-of-the-art technology, with the capacity for endless renewal, constantly perfecting its ability to reproduce the inspiration material.

This is the secret behind the longevity of the “wood look” trend, or of wood-effect porcelain stoneware, an ongoing success which Marazzi ceramic parquet now nourishes yet again with an industrial product of impeccable durability and strength, yet with all the warm, organic, traditional look of the "real" material.

Ideal not only for traditional stylistic contexts but also for creative dialogues with contemporary architecture.

The Vero collection comprises porcelain stoneware in large sizes, with planks of 22.5×180 cm and 20×120 cm, and four colours/wood looks: Natural, Rovere, Castagno and Quercia.

Its perfect resemblance to wood is achieved thanks to extremely high-resolution scanning and cutting-edge digital technologies, which enable continuous variations in colour of unprecedented vividness and intensity. A new technique that mates the patterning with the structure reproduces knots, vein patterns and tactile qualities with extreme realism. Glossy and matt inks, precisely paired with the underlying forms, highlight the flaws and distinctive features of the original oak with light and shade.

Every size is available in a large number of patterns (28 for 22.5×180 cm, 42 for 20×120 cm and 8 for extra-thick 2 cm) so that the overall effect of the installed material is never artificial or repetitive. The three surface finish options – natural, Grip and Outdoor 20mm – reflect Vero's versatility when it comes to use, in residential, contract and outdoor locations (with the specific 40×120 and 60×60 cm sizes in the 2 cm thickness, also for dry installation).

Vero expresses a completely contemporary concept of authenticity: one that is technological. And sustainable.