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Azure tiles: view the collections

Combine colours and looks and find ideas for your home. Marazzi Blue ceramic tiles, bright and reassuring, suitable for locations of all kinds. 

Zellige: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Handcrafted-effect tiles

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D_Segni Blend: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi
D_Segni Blend

20x20 cm cement tile-effect stoneware

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Alchimia: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Slimline XL Size wall tiles

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Eclettica: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

3D Effect Large Size Tiles

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Outfit: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Fabric Effect Wall Tiles

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Colorblock: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Glossy Wall Tiles for Bathroom

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Pottery: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Glossy Tiles for Bathrooms and Kitchen

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Mellow: Azure tiles: view the collections - Marazzi

Floor Covering Ceramic Tiles

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Marazzi Advice

Azure, powder blue, light blue, water blue and sky blue: the distinction between these shades is blurred and changes depending on who looks at them. Moreover, in its cold tones, light blues border on whites and greys. The Marazzi catalogue offers different optionsfor choosing light blue ceramic tiles: small, medium and large sizes, mosaic size, monochrome, with three-dimensional patterns or decorated with stripes, abstract and floral designs, or as cement tiles. Alternatively, you can opt for the lighter shades of blue tiles.

Easy to combinewith each other and with other colours, light blue tiles must be matched with the colours of the other tiles and furniture, as well as with the overall atmosphere that you want to create in a room. For example, by playing on the light/dark and cold/warm gradations of light blue tiles and combining them with blue tiles, you can produce a monochrome effect that is anything but flat. Or you can create harmonious effects or contrastsby juxtaposing light blue tiles with white, black, neutral colours (beige, grey), pastel colours (lilac, green, orange), dark colours (green and purple) or bright colours (pink, orange, yellow).

Light blue tiles are a good idea for any type of home, not just for a house by the sea. They match with all rooms, not only the rooms linked to water, such as the bathroom or home spa. Suitable for both small and large rooms, light blue is a colour that is bright, clean, light, soothing, simple and elegant at the same time, designed to cover walls in both the kitchen and the living room.

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