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Bedroom Tiles: Ceramic and Stoneware Ideas

Ideal for covering bedroom floors and walls, Marazzi ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles transform your room into a welcoming location. Versatile solutions for every type of requirement and style, with the perfect blend of convenience and design.  Choose your favourite size, effect and shade from the many Marazzi collections.

Marazzi Advice

Tiles in the bedroom are a very convenient alternative because ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles are anti-slip, tough and easy to clean. Moreover, if you have a bathroom in the bedroom, it becomes even easier to create visual continuity between the floor coverings of the two rooms. Indeed, the latest interior design trends offer tiles in the bedroom not only for floors but also for covering walls, exploiting the expressiveness of colours, textures, geometric and floral patterns and decorations with a wallpaper look.

Tiles suited to a classic bedroom offer a range of porcelain stoneware effects: wood, terracotta, stone and marble. Stoneware cement tiles are also a perfect addition that match well with a vintage-style bedroom. The Marazzi catalogue offers numerous collections of wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles for the bedroom, available in dozens of sizes – planks or parquet – and styles (such as varnished, painted, rustic and time-worn wood).

In a modern or minimal bedroom, you can install stoneware tiles with a concrete, metal and Venetian Seminato (or Terrazzo) effect. Additionally, the many tactile effects of porcelain stoneware invite you to experiment with particular combinations, such as stone/concrete or stone/wood, which can be enhanced by combining tiles of different sizes. Cement tiles, on the other hand, or the other decorated tiles, can define areas of the floor as though they were rugs, such as the bed area.

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