SystemV Glass Mosaic - Coloured glass mosaic



SistemV - Glass mosaic by Marazzi Tecnica is a semi-transparent, coloured glass mosaic. The 24 delightful single-colour options and the 4 mixes of different or tone on tone shades make it possible to create striking beautiful, distinctive surfaces. Supplied in 32.7x32.7 cm mesh- or paper-backed sheets, these little tiles are conceived mainly for indoor use in residential or public area. The paper-backed versions are designed for projects in areas where water or steam are present, such as swimming pools, saunas or hammam baths.


  • Glass Avorio
  • Glass Avorio Mix
  • Glass Bianco
  • Glass Blu
  • Glass Cemento
  • Glass Cobalto
  • Glass Cobalto Mix
  • Glass Grigio
  • Glass Grigio Mix
  • Glass Nero
  • Glass Pistacchio
  • Glass Tortora
  • Glass Turchese
  • Glass Turchese Mix


  • 32,7x32,7


  • MM 4,0

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