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Small-size tiles for all locations

Scenario: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi

Majolica-inspired porcelain stoneware

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D_Segni Blend: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi
D_Segni Blend

20x20 cm cement tile-effect stoneware

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Lume: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi

Gloss-effect porcelain stoneware

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Zellige: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi

Handcrafted-effect tiles

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D_Segni Colore: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi
D_Segni Colore

Coloured Stoneware Cement Tiles

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D_Segni Scaglie: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi
D_Segni Scaglie

Terrazzo Veneziano Effect Cement Tiles

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Appeal: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi

The concrete effect whose beauty and practicality takes many forms

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SistemS: Small-size tiles for all locations - Marazzi

Mottled Concrete Effect Stoneware

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Marazzi Advice

Interior design is re-evaluating small tiles made of ceramic, porcelain stoneware and high-performance technical porcelain stoneware. Small tiles are very versatile and allow you to play with sophisticated, original installation patterns. You can use small tiles to do precise work, such as marking out certain areas of a room or highlighting details. Like in a bathroom, where small tiles are a classic for floors and walls. Or in a kitchen, where they are perfect for backsplashes and for covering brick kitchens.

Small tiles are suitable for the entire home– for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor spaces, business premises and public buildings. In rooms with an irregular shape or curved elements, small tiles help, during the installation phase, to “follow” the movement of the surfaces more easily. The Marazzi catalogue features small tiles of different sizes and dimensions for indoor and outdoor use: square, rectangular and hexagonal. From the 15x15 cm tile to the 20x20 cm cement tile, the 7.5x15 cm brick tile and the 21x18 cm hexagon tile.

The colours of small tiles produced by Marazzi range from evergreen neutral shades such as grey and beige to white and black, from lighter to brighter or darker tones of blue, light blue, green, red, pink, brown, orange and yellow. The range of colours is combined with the shades and tactile textures of tiles with stone, marble, exposed brick, terracotta and concrete effects. The range also boasts decorated tiles featuring abstract, floral or lace-effect patterns, designs in the style of Art Nouveau cement tiles and with relief decorations.

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