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Solid color tiles

If you prefer the subtle beauty of solid colour to patterned decoration, explore Marazzi’s wide range of monochrome solutions: tiles for indoor and outdoor coverings in many sizes, to meet all architectural needs. Bright and subdued colours, glossy, matt or textured surfaces; you’ll find the perfect collection for your project!

White Deco: Solid color tiles - Marazzi
White Deco

Wall Tile Multicolor Floral Decorations

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Momenti: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Wall Covering with floral and botanical elements

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Scenario: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Majolica-inspired porcelain stoneware

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Zellige: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Handcrafted-effect tiles

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Colorplay: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Rectified size wall covering

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Eclettica: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

3D Effect Large Size Tiles

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Pure: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

White wall tiles satin and glossy

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Outfit: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Fabric Effect Wall Tiles

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Hello: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Subway Tiles

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Absolute White: Solid color tiles - Marazzi
Absolute White

3D Structure White Wall Tiles

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Colorblock: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Glossy Wall Tiles for Bathroom

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Color Code: Solid color tiles - Marazzi
Color Code

Minimal Style Wall Tiles

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Pottery: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Glossy Tiles for Bathrooms and Kitchen

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Mellow: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Floor Covering Ceramic Tiles

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SistemB: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Porcelain Stoneware for Architecture

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SistemC - Architettura: Solid color tiles - Marazzi
SistemC - Architettura

Stoneware Wall Coverings

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SistemC - Città: Solid color tiles - Marazzi
SistemC - Città

Flooring and Wall Covering

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Triennale: Solid color tiles - Marazzi

Architectural Ceramic Tiles

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Marazzi Advice

Solid colour tiles are an ideal covering choice if you are not fond of decorative graphics and patterns or if you wish to focus your project’s attention on a different ornamental feature.

However, shifting the focus to the furnishings does not mean opting for characterless floors and walls: solid colour tiles can give personality to interiors without putting other design items in the shade.

In fact, solid colour ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles can offer a variety of material effects, are available in many sizes and provide an impressive degree of architectural freedom. They can also be used in original ways by combining multiple shades of the same colour or by creating contrasts to highlight specific zones.

From extra matt to majolica effect surfaces, not to mention powder concrete textures and relief patterns, Marazzi offers a wide choice to anyone focusing more on colour than on decoration and in search of coverings that derive their beauty from solid colour and material effects.

Solid colour floor and wall coverings are an excellent choice for generating seamless continuity between indoor and outdoor areas, for example, expanding the perceived size of spaces. Or they can provide the monochrome background for limited inserts of motifs and patterns, which create ceramic carpets or wallpaper.

Explore the Marazzi solutions for the solid colour tilingof all locations, private and commercial: bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchens and both indoor and outdoor lounge areas.

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