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High-performance porcelain stoneware

Art20: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi

Thick Outdoor Porcelain Stoneware

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Apparel: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi

Trowelled Concrete Effect

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Mystone Basalto: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi
Mystone Basalto

Lava Stone Effect Stoneware

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SistemS: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi

Mottled Concrete Effect Stoneware

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Mystone Ceppo di Gré20: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi
Mystone Ceppo di Gré20

Stone Effect Stoneware 20 Mm Thick

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Material20: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi

Concrete Effect Stoneware 20 Mm Thick

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Material: High-performance porcelain stoneware - Marazzi

Metropolitan Concrete Effect Stoneware

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Marazzi Advice

Porcelain stoneware tiles are produced by pressing mixtures of light or coloured powders. “Through-body” porcelain stoneware tiles are made from pigmented powders: this means that the tiles are coloured throughout the entire thickness, not only on the surface, whether they are monochrome or imitate other materials. For example, in a wood-effect through-body porcelain stoneware tile, the typical veining of the natural material can be seen both on the outer surface and, imagining the tile dissected, inside.

Some of the Marazzi collections are made of high-performance technical porcelain stoneware, produced with the most advanced technologies, with single-loading and double-loading pressing. Technical stoneware has an even higher breaking strength than “standard” porcelain stoneware.

Highly resistant to stress, high-performance technical porcelain stoneware is perfect for heavy-traffic indoor and outdoor areas, such as those in business premises and public buildings. Technical porcelain stoneware can be used for both floor and wall coverings and is offered by Marazzi in all sizes: small, medium and large tiles.

One specific use of high-performance technical stoneware is for the outer cladding of ventilated walls: a perimeter covering system for buildings that guarantees very effective thermal and acoustic insulation. Technical porcelain stoneware slabs are tougher and lighter than materials such as stone or marble and, from an aesthetic point of view, allow you complete freedom to customize thanks to a wide range of colours and tactile finishes, such as wood, marble, stone, terracotta and concrete effects.

Among the collections of high-performance technical porcelain stoneware, Marazzi also offers crystallized stoneware, made with an exclusive patented technology that makes the colours bright and especially deep.

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