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Paola Marella answers: ceramic decoration yes or no?

Paola Marella answers: ceramic decoration yes or no?

As in almost all materials, technological progress has expanded the range of finishes available for ceramic tiles, for example by means of digital printing; naturally, screen-printed and hand-printed tiles retain their appeal, but this new option has extended the confines of the images beyond the individual piece and opened out new scenarios for use.

1970 -2013 Forty years is a long time, but decoration on ceramic tiles is coming more and more strongly back into fashion, both in the form of mosaics and as screen-printed motifs created by artists and designers, used in the world of home furnishing.

Mosaic inserts have been encouraging a simpler, more elegant style in bathroom furnishings for about ten years now, and as they develop and offer more and more versatility in terms of colour they are becoming increasingly popular with professionals and end users. 

As the wish to create “attractive bathrooms or kitchens” has grown from these concepts, new frontiers in wall decoration have been explored, while still guaranteeing the hygiene standards necessary for these rooms.

Manufacturers’ willingness to develop new designs and apply them to conventional tiles, as in the Marazzi “Colorup” collection, allows the introduction of new colour selections, which update rooms’ look, interacting perfectly with painted finishes and expanding the potential wall colour combinations virtually to infinity; with a touch of colour, you will be able to create lovely contrasts.
Those who prefer a more classical effect can use very traditional solutions that combine finishes; they draw on the versatility of stoneware to create concrete-look finishes with very elegant wood inserts.  As always, Marazzi provides plenty of scope for creativity with the “Block” line.  Another classical option is the “Evolutionmarble” line, which enables us to extend the rich floor coverings that were absolutely unaffordable until a short time ago to the floors of our own homes, even in living areas. With these options available, we can extend our ideas to rooms in the home previously left unexplored, making fresh, new uses even of the most classical finishes.

So the time has come to be daring with decoration!