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Ceramic in architecture from 23 May to 12 September, Rome

Thursday 22 May 2014

Ceramic in architecture from 23 May to 12 September, Rome

La Ceramica in Architettura
Exhibitions, workshops and lectures on ceramics in architecture.

Casa dell’Architettura, Rome
23 May – 12 September 2014

“La Ceramica in Architettura” (“Ceramics in Architecture”) is a project intended to encourage and support the creative cooperation between the world of Ceramics and that of Architecture, and foster partnership between architects, artists, academic experts on ceramics and manufacturers through a season of exhibitions, conferences and workshops on the subject open to students and architects.

Sponsored and organised by the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome in association with Confindustria Ceramica and Cersaie and with the backing of the Order of Architects, Roma Capitale, La Sapienza University, the Lazio Regional Authority and the MIC, the season opens on Friday 23 May with an exhibition dedicated to the work of Nino Caruso.

Marazzi, co-sponsor of the cycle of events dedicated to ceramics in architecture, plays a key role within the entire season due to its direct link to the artist Nino Caruso, the subject of the first exhibition in the programme, who in the ‘70s designed the first ground-breaking three-dimensional ceramic tiles with the production of the Dyapason, Ritmo, Canne d’Organo, Scultura Modulare and Screen collections for Marazzi.

‘Scultura modulare’, by Nino Caruso for Marazzi, will be the central work in the exhibition to be held at the old Rome Aquarium and will also be the subject of a live performance at the opening.

Marazzi also sponsors the conference on “Technological and Stylistic Innovation and Urban Renewal - Ceramics: Form, Colour and Sustainability” (“Ricerca tecnologica, estetica e rinnovo urbano - La ceramica tra forma, colore e sostenibilità”) at 2.30 pm on 10 June. The conference will be the third in the cycle organised as part of the “La Ceramica in Architettura” season, and goes to the heart of the debate focusing on the collaboration between architects, ceramics experts and the leading manufacturers. The proceedings, introduced by the season’s scientific curator Flavio Mangione, will be opened by Nicola Leonardi, editor of the prestigious architecture journal The Plan, who will present the speakers Gianluca Rossi, expert in architectural restoration, architect and designer, on trends in architecture with regard to colours and structures, surfaces and the expressive potential of ceramics today, and Gianpaolo Neviani, operational manager of Marazzi Engineering, who will concentrate on the new building shell design systems and the upgrading of buildings’ energy efficiency, with the aid of numerous example projects.

Alessandro Pistolesi of Studio Transit in Rome will discuss urban renewal, approaching the subject through his own experience in town planning and architecture.

The study day on the latest research and the new products Italian industry is capable of putting into the field has been awarded 4 training credits for architects taking part in the conference.