Wednesday 05 September 2012

Marazzi Engineering presents DUE, the double slab system for high-performance technical pavings, such as traffic-resistant raised pavings, installed dry on grass, gravel and sand. Thanks to its bonded combination of two slabs of ceramic material, DUE delivers amazing mechanical properties, even in extreme humidity and thermal shock conditions, in a thickness of just 22 mm.

DUE has been created by bonding a supporting slab to a slab of porcelain stoneware which forms the top face. The substrate, developed in the Marazzi Engineering research laboratories, is stable and non-combustible, has close-to-zero water absorption and is chemically inert. The porcelain stoneware slab is the system’s top covering and should be chosen as appropriate to the paving’s intended use. Marazzi has a wide range of facing slabs for the DUE system, including EvolutionStone with its evocation of the strength of natural stone, SistemA coloured crystallised porcelain slabs and the SistemN technical stoneware in neutral colours.

The DUE raised paving is easy to install and maintain and is ideal in renovation projects, since it does not require the demolition of the existing paving and also ensures impeccable stormwater drainage. The system’s outstanding performance in terms of dynamic load resistance makes DUE the ideal product for the construction of traffic-resistant pavings.

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