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Marazzi’s ‘Cerabilintino’ at the Milan Triennale

Monday 12 April 2010

Marazzi’s ‘Cerabilintino’ at the Milan Triennale

The creation conceived by the young architect Max Pescio for Marazzi and presented at Playground, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy collective exhibition on the theme of urban spaces tailored to children's needs, is a structure made up of rotating panels of various heights, clad with SistemA, the Marazzi Tecnica coloured crystallised porcelain stoneware.

The ‘Cerabilintino’, intended as a space where children can socialise, is a construction where they can play together by defining constantly new spaces: as they turn the panels, the structure is continually rearranged to create new perspectives and new visual stimuli for play. On show at the Milan Triennale, the ‘Cerabilintino’ will remain on display during the international design week (14th – 19th April 2010).