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Paris Design Week 2012: Triennale Creative Contest

Monday 03 September 2012

Paris Design Week 2012: Triennale Creative Contest

From 10 to 16 September 2012, Marazzi is taking part in the Paris Design Week, the French event that offers a complete survey of the latest frontiers in contemporary design, in association with the ville lumière’s leading stores, craftsmen and galleries.

The Marazzi Showroom on Avenue Bosquet has been included in the ‘design & architecture’ circuit, and presents the outstanding items from the new Marazzi ceramic and stoneware and Hatria sanitary fitting and washbasin collections, as well as solutions for the world of architecture and interior design from Marazzi Tecnica and Marazzi Engineering.

For the occasion, the Marazzi location will host a variety of events related to the Marazzi world, with opening hours extended until 9 pm. On 10 and 11 September, in particular, architects and designers will be the protagonists of the Marazzi creative contest: professionals will have the chance to express their creativity by producing a composition with miniature versions of the Triennale, the “four curve” tile designed for Marazzi by the great Gio Ponti and Alberto Rosselli in the ‘60s.

A technical jury will award the prize of a trip to Italy for two people to discover the Marazzi world at the Architecture Biennale to the most original composition.