Guinardò Apartment

Guinardò, Spain

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Adrià Guardiet

Sandra Torres

08014 arquitectura



A small open-plan workshop located in a 1950s industrial building in Barcelona’s lively Guinardó neighbourhood.

With modest floor space of about 75 square metres, the flat’s architectural charm lies in its original features: a robust brick wall structure, concrete colonnades and ceilings adorned with concrete beams and ceramic vaults.

The main elements are distributed in three key areas: the bright kitchen serves as a welcoming entry point, an almost 40 square metre multifunctional space becomes the flat’s centre of gravity, and the third area comprises the bedroom and a conceptually distinct bathroom, conceived as a self-contained, intangible box.

The restyling project undertaken by the 08014 arquitectura firm attempts to highlight the flat’s original architecture. The predominant ceramics on the existing walls, combined with the cosy embrace of pine wood in the custom-made furniture, blend seamlessly with the introduction of the new Crogiolo D_Segni Colore porcelain stoneware flooring in the Indigo colour. A floor consisting of a small 20x20 cm size with a dusty solid background that envelops the entire space, punctually interrupted by a second custom size in the same material that follows the thresholds, creating a visual rhythm that enhances the project’s overall narrative.

Essentially, the renovation of this industrial-style flat not only revives the original character of the space, but also orchestrates a harmonious symphony between historical elements and contemporary design, creating a unique residence that honours the architectural legacy of Barcelona’s Guinardó neighbourhood.

Ph. Pol Viladoms

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