Private apartment Lyon

Lyon, France

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Constance Berthier



A Haussmann-era apartment modernised with a strong identity, which cleverly conserves the beauty of the past: this is the project created by interior designer Constance Berthier – BC Ateliers for a young couple in Lyon.

A sort of open space of 125 m2 with just three doors, where the rooms succeed but do not repeat each other and styles, periods and materials are mixed to reconcile the contemporary and the antique, creating exclusive interiors, appropriate to their context and rejecting all forms of simplification.

The interior designer chose the Allmarble porcelain stoneware slabs in 120x60 cm size in the eye-catching Saint Laurent shade to give the rooms a genuinely architectural character. Specifically, the Saint Laurent marble-effect stoneware features on the floor of the entrance hall - completely redesigned and opening onto the stunning kitchen, enhanced by a hypnotic blue-green colour scheme - and in the bathroom and the kitchen itself, which are also given a more contemporary rereading.

As a wall coverings, Allmarble Saint Laurent was selected as the unifying factor of immense personality, appearing on the kitchen worktop running seamlessly on from the peninsula dining area overlooking the large lounge, and the massive fireplace conserved in the bedroom, where the warm hue of the parquet harmonises perfectly with the veins of the marble-effect stoneware in Saint Laurent shade.


Photographs: ©Sabine Serrad

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