B&B Maison Marie

Sorrento (NA), Italy

marazzi beb maison marie 000.jpg

B&B Maison Marie is located in the heart of Sorrento, on Corso Italia, the main street of the old town. The renovation project by Studio Associato Gargiulo involved an entire floor of a historic building.

Maison Marie comprises five double rooms, three with balcony. They all have en-suite. The stylistic approach was to use the traditional finishes found in Sorrento homes, with granulated marble tile flooring.

The key feature of the entire project is the D_Segni Scaglie Collection, in the White and Yellow colour variants, combined with various Tappeto decors. The decorative themes are differentiated, with D_Segni Scaglie Tappeto 13 decor 20x20 cm in one room and another with D_Segni Scaglie Tappeto 9 20x20 cm, which reappears in the bathroom. The balcony tables are finished with D_Segni Scaglie Tappeto 11.

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