Cantera Parioli

Rome (RM), Italy

marazzi cantera parioli 000.jpg

Rome-based firm Tamat’s interior design project for the Cantera restaurant, located in Rome’s Parioli residential district, was inspired by the name Cantera, meaning ‘quarry’ in Spanish, and by the type of cuisine the restaurant wishes to offer the Roman public, namely a fusion of Japanese cuisine and the flavour of Italian meat. A project that expresses the balance between oriental architecture and the use of materials in natural colours, hence the Tamat firm’s specific choice of ceramic tiles from Marazzi’s Zellige Crogiolo collection, which feature a surface with an attractive handcrafted, irregular effect and chromatic imperfections reminiscent of the glazed majolica effect in the North African tradition, available in the small 10x10 cm size and in the warm earthy Cammello colour with a Lux finish. Marazzi’s Zellige Crogiolo series enabled the designers to use the same product to obtain glossy, colourful surfaces with a variety of shades that create ever new compositions and textures.


Ph. Seven Zhang and Hao Yang 

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