Private home – Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

marazzi casa privata 000.jpg


Simona Pielikyte

Siin Architecture Studio



The project for a luxury home in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, by architect Simona Pielikytė of SIIN Architecture
The interiors feature the use of marble-effect surfaces which add beauty to every room, from the living area to the corridor, including the two bathrooms. The porcelain stoneware of the Grande Marble Look, with its maxi-slabs 6 mm thick, decorates the entire home on its own, covering the floors and walls and morphing from interior design surface to artistic feature: in the living area and corridor, two large slabs of 160x320 cm are used like ornamental ceramic paintings, presenting their beautiful material in pictorial form.

The versions chosen for the project are Capraia, Statuario, Saint Laurent and Golden White (four finishes chosen from the twenty-five available in the marble-effect range), in an alternation of whites, greys of varying degrees of warmth, and bronze and iridescent veining. In the architect’s concept, the moods of colours of the natural world around the Baltic Sea are brought into the home through the materials and shades of the interior design. The striking result reveals the extraordinary design malleability of stoneware in slimline slabs, and underlines the slenderness of the divide between art and architecture.      

Simona Pielikytė Siin Architecture Studio
Photos: Leonas Garbaciauskas

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