Baggiovara Centre shopping mall

Baggiovara (MO), Italy

marazzi centro commerciale baggiovara center 000.jpg
This newly-built shopping centre houses a supermarket and several shops overlooking a two storey gallery inside. The introverted layout of the retail spaces, which open out onto the indoor walkways, resulted in a compact exterior curtain wall whose value is enhanced by the use of Marazzi firestream technology ceramic wall tiles, with solid blocks of colour laid out in clear geometrical patterns to form strong colour contrasts. Inside, the flooring follows and enhances the winding route taken by the walkways along the galleries. The mosaic on the first floor has a complex geometric pattern made using Marazzi fine porcelain stoneware tiles to create an extremely elegant effect in colour. Marazzi Engineering supplied all of the indoor and outdoor coverings for the building’s walls and floors, including the stairways and service areas. Extra focus was placed on the wall coverings and the flooring for the indoor galleries when the final plans were being drawn up in close collaboration with the architects so that the complex initial patterns were translated into rational tiling layouts. Once the working network was finished, the edges for the various elements of the mosaic were studied and achieved by precision water jet cutting of the different colours of background tiles.

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