Corso Trento e Trieste in Lanciano

Lanciano (CH), Italy

marazzi corso trento trieste a lanciano 000.jpg


Orazio Carpenzano

Fabio Balducci

Nicola Di Biase

Armando Iacovantuono

Rossana Lamanna

Giulia Radaelli

Mosè Ricci

Filippo Spaini

Giuseppe Di Giacomo


Urban furniture
The new pavement in Corso Trento e Trieste in Lanciano stems from a partnership between the Municipality of Lanciano, RicciSpaini Architetti Associati and the Department of Architecture and Design of Sapienza University of Rome. The redevelopment project aims to return an accessible urban space to citizens. The pavement along the street was redesigned taking inspiration from a number of traditional Abruzzo decorative motifs and turning them into the foundation of urban life. The large geometric ‘carpet’, which extends over the entire carriageway, where possible reconnecting with the existing floor of basalt tiles, was made from Marazzi double loading 20 mm SistemN porcelain stoneware in the nuances Sabbia and Grafite, cut ad hoc according to the indications of the designers. The possibility of creating a customised product and making personalised adjustments, together with the excellent technical performances and refined colours proposed, make SistemN the ideal product for floor installations and the tiling of indoor and outdoor private or commercial areas.

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