Cristal Spa

Annecy, France

marazzi cristal spa 000.jpg


PB Pierre Brunier

Espace & Resonance

Cristal Spa is the wellness centre at the Imperial Palace Hotel, a historic Belle Époque-style hotel in the heart of the French Alps. Architects Pierre Brunier, Michel Force and Marie Laure Marrel of the Espace & Resonance firm, experts in interior feng shui, designed the centre. The spa’s interior embraces the Chinese art of feng shui, embodied by the use of the Mystone Pietra di Vals stone-effect stoneware collection, whose natural, materic texture is perfect for the project’s concept. Chosen in the 30x60 cm size and in the structured version, Mystone Pietra di Vals Grigio covers the spa’s floor, while the 30x60 cm mosaic version of the collection was chosen for the wall covering. The central feature of the wellness centre is the swimming pool, which is covered with Mystone Pietra di Vals Antracite in a darker shade than the rest of the space, emphasizing the volume of the pool.

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