Daniel & Mayer

Milan (MI), Italy

marazzi daniel e mayer 000.jpg

Architect Luca Sormani chose Grande Stone Look Ceppo di Gré to represent the elegance of the Milanese character of the new Daniel & Mayer flagship store, a well-known Milanese brand in via Marghera in Milan. Refinement dominates the entrance area through the total look of the Marazzi stone-effect stoneware which tiles walls, floors and the entire central cash desk, also in the top version. In the gallery, real islands take shape through the clever use of the various colours used both on the walls and the textile floor coverings. The whole is enhanced by the unique texture of the floor and wall covering in Stone Look Ceppo di Gré porcelain stoneware. The large 120x240 cm slabs used create a uniform ceramic skin, obtained thanks to the visual continuity effects that this material allows.


Ph Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

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