Gianfranco Lotti Headquarters

Scandicci (FI), Italy

marazzi gianfranco lotti 000.jpg


Valdemaro Mori

Gianfranco Lotti is a Florence-based company which has been producing bags and small leather goods for men and women since 1968. Its headquarters at Scandicci, just outside Florence, were designed with Marazzi material throughout. The architect in charge of the project, Valdemaro Mori, decided to clad the outside of the building with a ventilated wall, installed by the concealed anchoring system (AGS). The Marazzi collection chosen for the ventilated wall is Treverkhome Frassino wood-effect porcelain stoneware in the 19x150 cm size. The ventilated wall system is an effective way of providing protection from damp and weather, thermal insulation and soundproofing. The continuous external insulation provides the wall with uniform insulation, eliminating cold bridges and thus upgrading the building's energy performance. The floor of the building is finished with SistemA Nero glossy 60x60 cm technical stoneware, installed using the raised floor system, with TKL structure. Choosing the raised floor system provides a series of benefits, including rapid installation with the floor surface usable immediately, and greater flexibility in the distribution and layout of utility systems, which are easy to inspect and modify even after the material has been installed. Ph Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

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